Consumer housing guide

Consumers are faced with a lot of decisions when building a home. The Consumer Guide to Factory-Built Housing is intended to let you know what some of those decisions are, what choices you may have, and what the results of each decision may be. Home building can be a stressful time. The goal of this New York Housing Association publication is to take some of the mystery and stress out of the building process.

The Consumer Guide To Factory-Built Housing begins with an introduction to and facts about factory-built housing. It explains why building in a factory is more cost-effective and the benefits of building in a climate-controlled setting. Learn how manufacturers’ quantity purchasing means savings for the consumer, and why quality-control in a factory setting is better than that in site-built homes.

Chapters in the Consumer Guide include

  • Living In A Manufactured Housing Community
  • Land and Its Development
  • Utilities: Water, Sewer, Power and Heat
  • Foundations
  • On-site Completion
  • Financing

A Home Building Budget Worksheet helps you calculate and track your home-building expenses. Also, you can keep track of important people and their phone numbers in the Home Builder’s Information Sheet. Several pages are provided for notes, while a Glossary of Lending and Building Terms provides you with important

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