Home Buying Guide

Welcome to the NYHA Home Buyer Information Center

Buying a home is a big step. No matter what type of home you purchase you will be faced with many decisions. Making the incorrect choice in any segment of the home buying process can be costly.

Many factors have to be considered when buying a home:
  • What are your family’s needs today and what might they be tomorrow?
  • Where is the best place to locate?
  • How do we set a budget for the project?
  • What items need to be included in the budget?
  • What is the best way to finance the home?
  • Besides the home, what services are needed to complete the project?
  • What government permits and inspections are needed?
  • What is the best choice for me and my family?

This NYHA Home Buyer Information Center provides you with the information and facts you need to make a smart home-buying decision. It is divided into sections that answer the basic questions you have and provide you the information you need to make a smart, well-informed buying decision. You may jump to any of these sections simply by clicking on the desired section.


The New York Housing Association has prepared a book that is designed to assist you in your project. The Consumer Guide to Factory-Built Housing covers the topics listed above and many more. We designed the book to take the mystery out of home buying and make the entire process more pleasant. The book is available through any of our members or directly from the New York Housing Association office.