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Your Membership Investment in the New York Housing Association

Membership in the Association is open to any corporation, sole proprietorship, LLC or partnership doing business in, or having an interest in, the manufactured housing industry in New York State.

To qualify as a member in good standing, a business must join in its entirety. For example, a business-owning retail sales center and two communities or multiple sales centers must join inclusive of all businesses combined.

The Board of Directors has worked very hard to develop a format that takes into consideration the diversity of its membership.


The New York Housing Association is partially comprised of Community Owners and Managers of land-leased residential communities throughout New York State. There are more than 2,000 communities registered with the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. Communities provide a lifestyle choice for many residents. Some communities offer community centers, playgrounds, swimming pools and other amenities for their residents.

Manufactured Home Communities are unique in that the resident owns his or her own home and rents the land upon which the home is placed. This allows for home ownership and equity while still having a yard, garden and neighbors. Community Owners provide the roads, lights, amenities and sometimes the water and sewer systems. Community Owners must adhere to local and state regulations and have a variety of issues and concerns. NYHA assists owners and managers in learning about new laws and regulations, networking services and suppliers and how to establish their own proactive goals and projects. NYHA works closely with the Department of Health and the local Code Officials. Association staff monitors local, state and federal laws and regulations to assist the communities.

NYHA has developed a 294-page Manufactured Homes Community Managers Guidebook, a valuable resource for every community owner and manager, which is available for purchase by members only. For more information on how to purchase the Guidebook, please contact:

Other benefits include the Annual Convention, among many other regional meetings and activities.

All Manufactured Home Communities should be members of this Association. Communities who join before December 31, 2020 get 1/2 off membership dues!

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The Affiliates Category was established to allow businesses and organizations having a direct or indirect interest or relationship with the factory-built housing industry in New York State, but not qualifying as a member under any other classification of membership, to become a member of the New York Housing Association, Inc.

The annual membership investment for an Affiliate membership is $189.

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MH Retailers

Manufactured Homes are built to National Safety and Construction Standards administered by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The homes meet rigorous inspections and approval conditions. HUD Code homes have been the basis for all other factory-constructed homes since 1976. Since HUD homes are administered by a national program unlike modular homes, they have unique issues and certain special programs.

NYHA focuses on these issues and programs. The Association has numerous projects planned and is constantly working to protect this viable housing option and to expand the market. The Manufactured Housing Advancement Act of 2005 allows New York to meet the requirements mandated by the federal government in 2000. It provides for the training, certification and enforcement of the installation of HUD Code homes. It also provides a dispute resolution process for all parties involved in the on-site construction of a home.

The Association plans sales training and other educational programs for retailers and their sales staffs throughout the year. Association staff willingly attends local and regional meetings with zoning boards, planning boards and other groups who regulate the industry.

Periodically, the Association will host home shows around the state to advance the sales and understanding of the HUD code product. Other marketing campaigns, such as infomercials and ad programs are also conducted.

Retailers, manufacturers, builders, developers and others using HUD Code Homes should belong to the New York Housing Association.

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Professional Services

The Professional Services and Suppliers Group of the New York Housing Association, Inc. is comprised of businesses involved in providing a wide range of services and products to the factory-built housing industry in New York State. There are five categories within this membership group. A business is defined as any corporation, limited liability partnership, partnership or sole proprietorship.

Professional Service Categories:

(You will be asked to select one upon signup)

  • Finance: Any business engaged in providing financial services, retail or wholesale, to the factory-built housing industry comprises the Finance Category. Lending Institutions and Lending Brokers would fall into this category.
  • Insurance: Insurance Companies or Insurance Brokers engaged in providing insurance services, commercial and/or consumers to the factory-built housing industry comprise the Insurance Category.
  • Supplier: Any business engaged in the production, distribution, and/or supply of components for the construction, set-up and/or on site completion of factory-built homes comprise the Suppliers category.
  • Service: The Service Category is made up of businesses engaged in the repair, set-up, hook-up and/or service of factory-built housing, either for an individual consumer or for a company.
  • Transporter: Any business engaged in providing transportation and/or related services to the factory-built housing industry, such as escort companies, comprise the Transporter Category.
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The Municipalities membership was established to allow towns throughout New York State having a direct or indirect interest or relationship with the factory‐built housing industry in New York State, but not qualifying as a member under any other classification of membership, to become a member of the New York Housing Association, Inc.

The Municipal members category includes municipalities who serve to provide affordable housing for their community. This classification includes municipalities and municipal employees such as building code officials, assessors and town attorneys.

Municipal members qualify for discounted rates on training courses offered by the New York Housing Association. Courses required by the New York State Department of State Division of Building Standards & Codes include the 21B and Mechanics certification courses, which allow employees who may be in the weatherization department of your town to work on manufactured homes.

This is a non‐voting division of membership. The annual membership investment for a Municipal membership is $105.


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