2020 REMOTE Area Meetings Announced!

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Area Meetings: As part of our 70th Anniversary celebration, all Area Meetings held in 2020 will be FREE. Because of the ongoing pandemic, all Area Meetings will be held virtually. There are 6 dates to choose from, and each meeting will be limited to the first 30 people who register.

On the schedule: NYHA Counsel Mark Glaser, Esq. will give an update on the rent regulation law passed year, eviction proceedings and an update on any pending legislation that affects MH in NY; and Bill Sherman from NYS DOS DBSC will present information on Installations and Foundations. Other speakers may be added - check your email for updates as they become available.

AVAILABLE DATES: September 22, September 29, October 13, October 20, October 27 and November 17.

To Register: Visit https://www.nyhousing.org then click on the “calendar” link. Find the date of the meeting you would like to attend and complete the online registration form. Call 518-867-3242 if you need any assistance or have any questions.

Is there a specific topic you would like to see covered? Contact bob@nyhousing.org or kathy@nyhousing.org