COVID 19: is MH Construction Considered ESSENTIAL?

NYHA News ,

“Construction in support of essential businesses is permissible, but only with appropriate social distancing and cleaning/disinfecting precautions. If those cannot be met, the project should be postponed.”

NYHA is aware of a slight shift in ESD’s views on what is permitted...and what is not. It is our understanding that for those activities that are not found to be essential, there will be more vigorous enforcement.  Our best advice is that companies that want to continue building homes whether on site, or in the factory, should seek a waiver from ESD. We have been told that the turnaround time is a couple of  days or so. The guidance has not been updated, except with respect to energy related construction activities supporting essential activities (which includes “housing”).  Importantly, enforcement, and the risk of injury to a worker who is exposed to the virus, cannot be ignored.

WAIVER APPLICATION can be found here.

When you are filling out the waiver, you can reference HUD Code Affordable Housing.