HEAP Assistance for Your Tenants

Posted By: Jon Greenbaum NYHA News ,

Residents of manufactured home communities shouldn't have to choose between heating their homes and paying lot rent. PathStone has prepared a map of weatherization and HEAP programs throughout the state. Click here.

Weatherization services are free and available to owners and renters of mobile homes whose income is below 60% of the state median income (see HEAP chart). Priority is given to seniors, families with children and people with disabilities. If a member of the home receives SSI, SNAP or HEAP they are automatically eligible. The weatherization program was started as a response to the 1973 oil crises. This year, 2021, marks the 45th year Americans have been benefitting from the program. Savings can be significant, averaging 20% decrease in energy use. All weatherization crew members are certified in advanced energy efficiency and health and safety techniques.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) benefits are also available to renters or owners of homes in MHCs. Participating vendors are paid directly. HEAP also has an emergency benefit for income eligible households facing gas or electric shutoffs or have less than a quarter tank of propane or fuel oil. In addition, HEAP provides a Heating Equipment Repair and Replacement Benefit for furnaces and other direct heating equipment. Clean and Tune benefits are also available, providing cleaning and repairs of primary heating equipment as well as installation of carbon monoxide detectors and programmable thermostats.

During the New York State Covid Emergency residents do not need to apply in person and can apply over the phone. The online Weatherization and HEAP map provides phone numbers for the program in your area.