HUD Rescinds Carport Letters

NYHA News ,

After a years-long advocacy effort by MHI, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced that it is rescinding its 2017 carport letters, which required carport-ready home designs to go through the Alternative Construction (AC) approval process. 

MHI has been advocating for HUD to rescind HUD’s 2017 carport letters since they were first issued, arguing that they are contradictory to statute and current regulations and create an unnecessary and time-consuming hurdle to the production of carport-ready homes. The requirement that carport-ready home designs go through the AC approval process negatively impacted the availability of this feature, which is an extremely popular and sought-after amenity for many consumers. 

MHI’s call to rescind the carport letters has been supported by Congress and HUD's Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC). The 2018 omnibus appropriations bill included language directing HUD to review the carport letters. The language originated from an amendment in the House offered by Representatives Andy Barr (R-KY) and Terri Sewell (D-AL) that was passed unanimously. In addition, in September 2018 HUD's MHCC voted unanimously to rescind the letters and again expressed support for that position at its May 2019 meeting. 

According to the memo, “manufacturers should remain cognizant of how a home’s performance and safety may be affected when designing and manufacturing homes for homebuyers who intend to add carports to their homes. As with all manufactured homes, manufacturers that desire to build carport-ready homes remain obligated to obtain DAPIA-approved designs and to provide adequate installation instructions. The DAPIA-approved designs and the installation instructions must not take the home out of compliance with HUD’s Standards.”

MHI will continue advocating to change HUD’s approach to regulating manufactured housing and to ensure timely updates to the HUD Code to support the efficient production of high-quality homes with features consumers want at affordable prices. 

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