New Housing Search, Application, Lottery and Waitlist Tool Coming Soon!

In order to improve the way New Yorkers search for available affordable housing and to comply with current law, HCR will phase out and launch in early 2025. 


While the current has limited capabilities, the new will provide more robust functionality for owners and the public and will consolidate listings and lotteries/waitlists for all HCR-funded projects - including Mitchell-Lama - into one website. includes several new features including allowing owners to accept electronic applications, run lotteries, and use their project’s waitlist to fill vacancies. It also replaces Mitchell-Lama’s legacy Automated Waitlist (AWL) system. The functions available to owners and applicants on the current website will remain similar in the new system. Applicants currently on Mitchell-Lama waitlists will still be able to check their position on the waitlist and update their contact information on the new website. 


In order to get the new website up and running by early 2025, owners should prepare by gathering information about the HCR-funded projects they supervise. Starting in November 2024, owners will be provided access to the system to input information about their projects. Please note that this is a target date and we will provide updates on our landing page,, if there are any changes.  


Information may include:  


  • Building Address(es) 
  • Unit details (apartment number, bedrooms, square feet) 
  • Floor # 
  • Income AMI % 
  • Rent AMI % 
  • Gross Allowable Rent
  • Utility Allowance
  • Net Allowable Rent
  • Unit Type/Funding (LIHTC, SLIHTC, ESSHI, PBV, Market, etc.) 
  • Accessible Set Aside Units (mobility, visual, and/or hearing impairment) 


Owners will also be required to create new online accounts to manage information about their projects, applications, lotteries, and waitlists. Owners can prepare by creating an business account.  


Please note that the new website will only be available for HCR-funded and HCR-supervised projects. Owners listing market-rate units on the current website will need to find a different means to advertise those units. 


More information and updates about the transition to the new website will be available on


We will be in touch with you as we start requesting the unit data. Thank you again for your dedication and partnership. 


HCR Office of Housing Preservation
Statewide Asset Management