STAR 2022: In Favor or Oppose?

NYHA News ,

We have been made aware of some legislation recently introduced that would affect the STAR rebate/credit, and we would like your feedback. Enclosed is Part V/SubPart E of the “revenue” budget bill (S. 2509/S. 3009) which would repeal the STAR exemption in Manufactured Housing communities. ALL homeowners would be able to apply for the STAR Credit, no matter when they purchased their home, rather than a STAR refund being issued. This legislation would take effect in the 2022 tax year. 

Please take a moment to read the bill language attached below.

As a Community Owner, is the repeal of the STAR exemption by replacing it with the STAR Credit something you favor or oppose? Please call or email with your opinion.

The full text of this proposed legislation can be found here.

You can contact us here at the NYHA office if you have any questions.