Training Issues Explained

Posted By: Joel Harper (deleted) NYHA News,

There has been some confusion recently about training, specifically on-line training, so I wanted to take some time to hopefully explain some of the issues to make the process of certification easier for everyone.

Make sure that you signed up for the right training.  Article 21-B training is necessary for all certifications, from manufacturers to mechanics. If you have never been certified previously, you need this training.  The online training requires a test, poll completion and specific attention ratios. This is the requirement from the Department of State for all online classes. Also, make sure you download the handout at the link provided on the session information page at You can use that handout during your test.

What are the attention ratios you ask?  WebEx tracks the time that you are engaged with the program as the main thing running on your screen. So if you have email, another browser on the side, a pdf viewer for the class notes open on your screen, or any other program running, WebEx registers that you are "not present," and the host or presenter will see a red exclamation mark next to your name in the chat box. Please understand that if you do not achieve the required ratios, there is nothing I can do to change that.

Now back to training. If you plan to certify as an installer, there are additional steps for you to complete. You must take the 13 hour course presently offered by MHEI for NY based installers. You can sign up here:

Once you have completed that training, you can then take the 21-B training. The test at the end of the training is not the Installers test, it is the 21-B test. You will have to take a separate test for the Installer Course, which is required by the regulations contained at 19 NYCRR Part 1210. Once you have passed the Installers test, you are eligible to apply for certification.

Mechanics are required to take a separate 3 hour course along with the 21-B course. There will be a test at the end of that class that you must pass, as well that is separate quiz from the 21-B course test.

You have 2 opportunities to take and pass the course. After that, you will have to retake the course. Take your time, use the handouts that you can download.

If you are already certified, you should not sign up for the 21-B training course. You cannot use it for continuing education. You cannot utilize a continuing education course to satisfy the initial training requirement.

The online continuing education course has the same guidelines as the 21-B course, so remember to keep WebEx front and center.

Once you have completed the course and passed the test, whether it’s initial training or continuing ed, remember that you must send in your application for certification the NYS Department of State Licensing Division. They are found here:,html  Please make sure you use the correct form. Individuals use the limited form, entities use the form that says what type of business you conduct.

You will need to include the certificate of completion you received from class with your application.  Installers and mechanics will not receive a separate certificate for 21-B, as it is understood you completed that class as part of your overall completion of coursework.

I hope this information helps clear up any confusion about the on-line training program. If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to me at