Waranty Seal & Quarterly Reporting Update

NYHA News,

According to Article 21-B of the Executive Law, manufacturers and installers of manufactured homes (HUD Code) are required to affix a NYS manufacturer’s warranty seal upon each home manufactured and a NYS installer’s warranty seal upon each home installed.

Previously, the Department of State issued a multi-copy warranty seal with various carbon copies. The design of both the manufacturer’s and installer’s warranty seals has changed and will more closely resemble those utilized by the Department with its modular home program. The new warranty seals will not utilize carbon copies, are approximately 3 inches by 3 inches, and will be available and be issued to certified entities beginning September 2022.

Warranty seals (installers seal shown, at left) will be provided with the name of the certified entity and certification number pre-populated. The remaining information shall be completed by certified entities and should clearly visible and legible. Utilization of an ultra-fine point permanent marker is strongly recommended.

The Installer’s Quarterly Report Form has also been modified to accommodate the information previously detailed on the old installer’s warranty seal. The new reporting form will be available on the webpage, for third quarter 2022 filings. Prior versions of the form held by certified installers should be discarded. Reporting period, report due dates, and filing requirements remain unchanged.

Manufacturers and installers are reminded that pursuant to Part 1210 warranty seals are required to be installed in the largest closet of the largest (master) bedroom of the manufactured home.

For questions on warranty seals and quarterly reporting contact the Department of State, Division of Building Standards and Codes on the web at www.dos.ny.gov/code/manufactured-homes, via phone at 518-474-4073, or email at manufactured.housing@dos.ny.gov