How Can We ALL Improve the Image of Our Industry?

NYHA News,

It's amazing the number of people who call the Association office looking for a "trailer" to buy, and the number of people who say they own a "trailer park." Let's use the correct terminology to help improve the image of our industry! For a full list of definitions for Manufactured Homes, Mobile Homes, etc., please click here. Check out the information below and make a conscience effort to use the correct terminology:

WHAT WE SHOULD BE SAYING!                                                     WHAT WE SHOULD STOP SAYING!

Manufactured Housing Community or Land Lease Community Mobile Home Park or Trailer Park
Manufactured Home Trailer or Mobile Home
1,200 sq. ft. Home Double Wide or Single Wide
Smith's Home Sales Smith's Trailer Sales
Professional Installation Block and Level
Right Sizing Down Sizing
Affordable Family Home Starter Home
Builder or Home Center Dealer or Retailer
Home Consultant Sales Person
Gable End Hitch End
Resident Tenant
Monthly Land Lease Expense Lot Rent
Service Request Work Order
Avoid talking about "model year"