Legislation to Watch in 2024

NYHA News,



A746 / no Senate bill: Requires landlords to furnish each tenant either renewing or entering into a lease with a rider describing the rights and duties of landlords and tenants; requires the rider to conform to the intent of section 5-702 of the general obligations law.


A1703 / S101a: Relates to manufactured homes certificate of title and the conveyance and encumbrance of manufactured homes as real property


A2512 / S5422: Relates to modular construction work - plumbing & fire to be conducted by licensed professionals


A4454 / S305: prohibits eviction without good cause


A492 / S2384: Relates to designating blighted property and blighted areas; provides definition of blighted property and blighted areas; amends definition of substandard or insanitary area


S7770 / A8601: Establishes the MHC Preservation Act


S3141 / A9158: Establishes the mobile and manufactured home replacement program to eliminate older mobile and manufactured homes and replace them with new manufactured, modular or site-built homes; makes related provisions.


A4955b / S4747a: defines lease-hold retirement community and proscribes rules and regulations for ownership and operation thereof


S5198 / A5704: requires MHP owners to provide a written justification for rent increases in excess of 3% of the current rent


S8458 / no Assembly bill: would provide a tax incentive of $2,000 for installation of a manufactured home


A8967 / no Senate bill: prohibits residential landlords from charging tenants with fees for the payment of rent through an automated clearing house or online payment system


S1610 / no Assembly bill: Relates to certain notice requirements; prohibits landlords from including incorrect information relating to rent decontrol in certain leases and renewals thereof; requires the standardization of certain notices pertaining to units subject to the Affordable New York Housing Program.

S1939 / no Assembly bill: Increases the state code enforcement powers of the secretary of state by establishing a state code enforcement office headed by an ombudsperson.

S2418 / no Assembly bill: Expands remedies for violations of New York state uniform fire prevention and building code.

S3531-A / no Assembly bill: Directs the state fire prevention and building code council to update the state fire prevention and building code and the state energy conservation construction code within 18 months of the publication of any updated or revised edition of the international and national codes relating thereto, so as to ensure that the state's codes reflect such revisions and updates.