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Jaime Michelle Cain, Esq. will host 3 breakout sessions on the afternoon of October 19th. Topics will include: 

Assistance Animals: Learn the ins and outs of the difference between a service animal and an emotional support animal. How to document, when you can ask for additional information, learn the limits on having to accept and the pitfalls.

Criminal History: What information can you ask, can you use automatic screening criteria to reject, what questions to ask and how to document. 

Tenant Rent Increases: The new wave of litigation post HSTPA. Tenants are gathering together and forming tenant units. Learn how to document and support your rent increases and how to push back against tenants who become demanding and bullies.

Mark Glaser, Esq. will provide a 2023 Legislative Summary and a 2024 Legislative Outlook. You won't want to miss this information!

Chris Nicely will host 3 breakout sessions on the afternoon of October 19th. Topics will include: 

The Changing Demographics of Our Buyers: As Boomer demand is waning in  the marketplace, who is taking their place, and how fast? Gen X? Gen Z? Do  they still have home ownership as a life goal? Is it even attainable? Find out how demand is shifting and how you can leverage this information to sell more and GROW your business in this session. 

MH 101 - The Industry Basics for Newbies and the Rest of Us: Marriage wall, trim out, pit set, CrossMod(r), trailer, mobile home, modular... Reacquaint yourself with the basics of manufactured housing; the product, the build, and the set to represent your product with pride to all of your customers.

Scott Stroud will host 3 breakout sessions on the afternoon of October 19th. Topics will include:

7 Universal Mistakes That Cost Communities and Retailers Sales: Is your business as profitable as it should be today? When business is good, we’re often too busy to work on our sales processes, but when the market slows down it is those processes – and the discipline to use them – that can keep our company out of the red. In this interactive presentation we’ll cover: The 5 Key Disciplines behind every successful company; The nearly universal mistakes or misunderstandings that stifle sales; and What to do now to ensure an optimal sales system that propels your business upwards, even in a down market.

 Remaining Relevant – Marketing to Millennials: We have a whole new generation of homebuyers that are seizing control of the market – and their wants and needs are much different from their parents!  How can we attract new buyers into our homes and communities?  In this interactive discussion we will examine the shopping, buying and living habits of younger buyers and learn how to present what we have in a way that meets their approval and gets them excited!

Leslie Gooch from MHI will be on hand to provide an update on the Department of Energy's Proposed Rule Changes.

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