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So which to choose?

There are many manufactured homes communities within New York. Some are found on private land and some are in land-lease communities or subdivisions. The land-lease community allows for the home to be placed on rented land, freeing the homeowner from the responsibilities of land ownership. The subdivision allows for ownership of the land and all the benefits in a planned community.

Private land allows consumers land ownership, freedom and added equity in their property. It is advisable to check with local authorities before deciding to place a home to be sure that your housing choice is acceptable under local laws or if any restrictions may govern your home-building decision. Depending on which type of home you choose, manufactured or modular, there may be certain restrictions. The New York Housing Association offers assistance to consumers facing zoning issues.

Land-lease communities or subdivisions offer the advantage of owning a home without many of the responsibilities and the investment of private land ownership. Many land-lease communities have amenities that enhance the home-owning experience. These communities are becoming very popular with both senior citizens and first-time homebuyers who look to keep their homeownership obligations minimal.

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