On-Site Completion

About On-Site Completion

Factory-built homes are constructed in a factory as modules of one or more sections, transported to the homesite, and placed on the homeowner’s foundation system. There are many methods of placing the sections on the foundation and connecting them together. The number of sections and method of assembly are part of your final cost of the home. Manufacturers provide specific instructions as to how their home should be assembled to perform properly to their individual construction methods. There is no single, correct method that applies to all homes.

A building permit from the local municipality is required under New York State law. The Building Code Enforcement Official is then required to perform certain inspections prior to issuing a Certificate of Occupancy at the end of construction.

Beginning in 2006, all HUD-Code Manufactured Home manufacturers, retailers, installers and mechanics must be certified by New York State. To become certified, all entities must meet such requirements as education, training, experience and proof of financial ability. The program is regulated by the Department of State, Division of Building Standards & Codes (DBSC) in Albany, NY.

All new HUD-Code homes, manufactured after January 1, 2006 must have a Manufacturer’s Warranty Seal. Any HUD-Code home or mobile home installed after January 1, 2006 must have an Installer’s Warranty Seal. These seals are to be placed in the largest closet in the largest bedroom of the home. Consumers have the right to select any certified installer of their choice. They even have the option of installing the home themselves if they meet certain criteria.

For a list of certified entities, and a copy of the regulations, go to https://dos.ny.gov/code/manufactured-homes and then click on "for consumers." You will see a link of certified entities there to download. You can also contact the Manufactured Home Unit at the New York State Department of State Division of Licensing at 518-473-3068.

Modular Homes are not currently governed by these regulations.