Living in a Manufactured Housing Community

What are the benefits of living in a manufactured home community?

The location of your home is an important decision. As you shop for a new home, consider living in a manufactured home community. Today’s manufactured home communities are well-planned, attractive and secure, and offer a wide array of services and amenities.

Financial Benefits

Many people don’t understand the financial benefits that can be realized from leasing land while owning their own home. When you live in a land-lease manufactured home community, you purchase your home but lease the land where your home is located. When you make your housing purchase with land costs included, your total housing costs increase significantly. In a manufactured home community, you purchase your home, but lease the land where your home is sited and your initial dollar investment is much lower.

This lower initial investment puts more money in your pocket each month to either save, to cover living expenses, or to get some of the extras you want and need. If you invested your savings, the earnings could offset the rent you pay on your homesite, further reducing your monthly expenses. You could decide to make use of your monthly savings in numerous ways. You may be able to buy a bigger home since land costs are not included in your home purchase. You may decide to take more vacations or buy that boat you have always wanted.

Services & Amenities

Many manufactured home communities offer lawn maintenance, pools, clubhouses, cable television, storage facilities for RVs and boats, and playgrounds. Many also have the staff to keep things in shape, freeing the homeowner from many of these chores.

Secure Environment

Manufactured home communities can provide you with the secure living environment you are looking for – it is the original “gated community”. Many have only one point of entry and exit. Some have security guards that ensure only residents and their guests have access to the community. Some communities provide security that patrol the community to ensure resident safety. Plus, neighbors look out for each other, forming a full-time, caring, unofficial crime watch, so to speak. Residents often leave their homes for days or weeks without worrying about its security.

Professional Management

Professional community managers ensure that common areas, homes and home sites are attractive and properly maintained. They ensure that the pool is operational, the snow is removed and the trash is collected. The owner of a manufactured home community wants to keep the community in tip-top condition to keep you as a resident and attract new residents. This professional management helps you protect your home investment.

Resale Value

When you’re ready to sell your home, you may find selling your home in a manufactured home community is quicker and easier than in a traditional subdivision. The price of your home will be more competitive than homes similar in size with land included. The amenities of the community will help sell your home as well. Three things mostly determine resale value: the condition of your home, the location of the community, and the condition of the community. In a manufactured home community, the management helps you enhance the value of your investment by maintaining the overall community.